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Hillside Veterinary Centre
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Weight Clinics

Weight Watchers
Did you know that over half of all dogs and cats in the UK are overweight?

It’s a fact!

This can have a dramatic effect on their health, shortening their life expectancy and making them more likely to develolp conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

However, with the correct help and advice it's possible to return an overweight pet to their ideal weight and then importantly, maintain it.

Hillside Weight Clinics

At Hillside, we offer one-to-one weight clinics with Gemma one of our registered veterinary nurses (RVN) for owners looking for advice on getting their pet back to its ideal healthy weight.

During these appointments, Gemma will look at your pet's history to find out the reason or reasons for the weight gain, as well as finding out about your family and your pet's lifestyle.

This allows Gemma to put together a personalised weight loss plan that fits in with your pet's needs and your daily routine, giving you all the best chance of success.

Your pet's weightloss will be monitored at regular follow-up appointments in which any adjustments to diet can be made and progress can be discussed.

Finally, once your pet has reached their target weight, Gemma will give advice and support in order to maintain this weight

Our Weight Clinics are charged for the first appointment, but all follow-up appointments are free.

If you would like to discuss your pet's weight with Gemma, please contact us here.


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