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Hillside Veterinary Centre
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Our kids' space

Our kids' space

To the kids:

This space is just for you and will be filled with fun and informative activities for you to enjoy, as well as competitions to enter from time to time. 

Our very own Kipster who is a border terrier and can be seen helping out on reception on Tuesdays and Thursdays, will also be giving you her knowledgeable tips on small animals – watch this space.  It's best to check back regularly as she's always adding new ones but does have to wait for her typist to up-load them.


The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your beautiful pets.

P.S. we always like to see you at the surgery too, so when your furry-pal next has to pay us a visit ask mum or dad if you can pop along too . You never know what you might learn.


 Our Kids Space

Note to parents:

In this area you will find basic pet information sheets for children on how to treat and look after pets as they join your family.  It’s always a good idea to involve your children in the whole process when you are thinking about a new pet joining the family.

Growing up with pets may improve children’s social skills and encourages childhood responsibility. Pets can also encourage children to develop compassion, understanding and respect for living things.  We hope to be able to give some top tips for creating a great bonding experience for them.

There will also be competitions to enter, ‘did you know’ bites of information, colouring and other activities as our kids’ space develops over time.

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds…..


We're delighted to share with you Rabbit diaries by Samuel Russell (the son of one of our work colleagues here at the surgery) and after a lot of persuasion his mum relented and agreed to them getting their very own bunny.

We're sharing this wonderful diary with you during Rabbit Awareness Week (which runs from Saturday, 9 May to Sunday, 17 May 2015) - the purpose of this special week is to raise awareness of rabbits and what wonderful pets they are, but also that they shouldn't just be forgotten out in their run outside and that you should ensure they have the right kind of home and run and are fed the correct diet. 

But most importantly that they are given lots and lots of cuddles.


Rabbit diaries entry 1 by Samuel Russell age 9


So after months of begging, mum has agreed that we can get a pet and after lots of research we have decided on a rabbit, a dwarf lop to be exact.

We have been to the library to borrow books on how to look after them, what equipment they need and how to train them - you see our rabbit is going to be a house rabbit!

Mum has asked people where she works for advice as Chris and Gemma know an awful lot about rabbits.  Hillside vets is really nice too; funny thing is the animals alway look happy to be there!


12th April - Today we went shopping for everything we need, indoor hutch big enough that our new bunny can hop 3 times, food bowl, food hay and nuggets, water bottle, wooden toys for chewing, potty! Eewwww I think mum needs to clean that out!


16th April - Yay it's the day we pick up our bunny :) welcome to the mad house Eddy!


Welcome to Eddy


17th April - Eddy loves his new home! Mum said we had to leave him in his cage yesterday so that he could settle in but today the cage is open and hopefully he'll come and play with me.

 Eddy in his new home


20th April - Today Eddy is off to see Chris at Hillside vets - it's for his health check and vaccination.

Mum said this is really important but I'll ask Chris about why that is later.

 A visit to the vets


21st April - Eddy has settled in well at home with us and he loves pretending to be a statue!

 Eddy the statue


I love watching Eddy have a wash, he's so cute.

Mum isn't so happy about the 'nugget' trail he leaves on the sofa Oooppss!!


Eddy having a wash



25th April - Eddy is going outside today!

He has an outdoor run so that he can get some fresh air and eat grass.

He likes sunbathing in the dining room so I'm sure he's going to love being in the garden.

I put a bowl of water in his hutch as Chris at Hillside Vets told me rabbits sometimes prefer to drink their water from a bowl - Eddy definitely does :)

 Eddy outside in his run


What a fantastic first entry to Rabbit diaries - we don't know about you, but we can't wait for the next instalment Samuel...


For more information on rabbits visit our dedicated rabbit page here.


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